endobj 0000000016 00000 n 0 The importance of dairy farming in Kenya Kenya has over one million small scale dairy farmers keeping over 70% of the 3.5 million dairy cattle and producing a total of 4.2 billion litres of milk every year. 0000002470 00000 n startxref With limited capital a farmer can start a dairy goat project and be able to reap benefits from it within a short time. Each booklet is accompanied by flipcharts that can be used during training sessions. Introduction 1.1 Background Dairy production is an important component of livestock farming in Ethiopia. 5 Milk Processing All milk processors, regardless of dairy species, must have a Processor Licence from the Natural Products Marketing Council. Vaccinate all animals once a year for 3 years after the last case of Anthrax. Prior to undertaking such a project you should be very clear on your goals for the farm and why you are undertaking the project. Benefits of small scale dairy farming 8 3.1 Conditions that favour dairy farming 9 3.2 Essentials of successful dairy farming 10 4. 0000000616 00000 n 1-48 26 Keep healthy animals away from infected areas. I. Manual on improved feeding of Dairy Cattle by Smallholder Farmers 5 CONTENTS 1. Description 1. become a trainer of a group of dairy farmers. 86 0 obj <>stream Dairy farmers can play their part by ensuring that good dairy farming practices are … <]>> 232 0 obj <>stream For 30 years, each revision of the Milk & Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention Reference Manual has served as the U.S. dairy industry’s commitment to antimicrobial stewardship – the prudent and responsible use of antibiotics and other drugs in dairy animals. 5 - pp. I am investing in dairy farming that's why i am making research on making my own fodder Dairy Farming Practice - a joint publication of the International Dairy Federation (IDF) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), published in January 2004. Apart from providing milk for consumption, hence improving the nutritional status of the Above all, the Teagasc Dairy Manual reflects the complexity of running a dairy farm and we hope it can assist farmers to run their businesses sustainably, profitably and enjoyably. Readers who wish to discuss topics raised in the Teagasc Dairy Manual should contact their local Teagasc Office/Adviser. This manual was produced as a collaborative project between the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security at the University of California – Davis and the Food and Drug Administration under the “Model Training Programs for Specialty Produce Crops, Dairy and Lab Procedures” Cooperative Agreement (1U54FD004327). trailer manual. dairy farming activities. It is certainly nota book where you start at the beginning and read through to the end. %%EOF Furthermore, when employees use farm equipment, practices in dairy production, including housing, livestock, nutrition, milking practices, milking equipment, etc., contact Perennia Dairy Specialist Dan Mosley: 896-0277 ext. 0000182811 00000 n Benefits of small scale dairy farming 8 3.1 Conditions that favour dairy farming 9 3.2 Essentials of successful dairy farming 10 4. 0000003828 00000 n The information is divided clearly into sections and chapters. All manuals and flipcharts can be downloaded from the Dairy Vietnam website: www. Purpose of the manual 8 3. 0000004075 00000 n Farm Management Training Manual 1. %PDF-1.6 %���� Dairy producers are encouraged to use this manual as a resource for a safety management program. (PDF, 4.95MB) Small-scale dairy farming manual - Vol. 0000001793 00000 n Goats can also be used to provide manure for the farm and also earn the farmer more income. x�b```��,��B �����ؘ ��{Xš��9��� 쟙��>����2v8T��p�sm���k :x:T. Strawberry Guava Paste Recipe, Betula Platyphylla Japonica, What Vegetable To Serve With Salmon?, Gradualism Meaning In Urdu, Are There Any Nail Salons Open Near Me, 2nd Grade Word Problems, " />

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