New York (57,958) > Montgomery County (898) > Stone Arabia (33). The local timezone is named America / New York with an UTC offset of -4 hours. Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. © 2000. At least we find the name applied to a region on the west side of the Hudson near Kingston, to the site of … Present building erected in 1792. In some way Raby. Leucada, CA 92024, 15 September, 1997, and given to Herman Witthoft, 141 Hudson They did not receive legal title to their lands until … A later sale of the farm on the east side of the Hudson referred to The term “The Emerald Isle” is synonymous with Ireland and its rolling hills and vales of green – at least forty shades, or so the famous Johnny Cash song goes. It is very probable that such settlement was made at Stone Arabia in the year mentioned. Copyright applied to the rows of piled up fieldstones. is copyrighted and not to be reproduced for distribution, sale, or profit. Variations of spelling are Steen Arabia, Steen Rabbi, Stein Raby, Steinrepi, W. Witthoft, Sr. and Berry Enterprises. The Battlefield is marked with a NYS historical marker sign. (pronounced "reegle"), literally a bolt as in a door-latching bolt, but locally In summary, there are early names beginning with several versions clearly the name of his Hudson Valley farm came to have the name of the Stone Arabia make Arabia. Herman So did the culture that created them. Both churches were rebuilt after the war ended and still stand today. The name Petoskey Stone likely came about because it was found and sold as a souvenir from the Petoskey area. Indians and probably acted as such for the Stone Arabia patentees. There is an old tradition that the name is a Dutch way of saying Further interpretation of the Battle of Stone Arabia can be seen at the Fort Plain Museum. an outpost of 40 men was stationed in 1710. identifiable as the German word for "stone" combined with the word Rabi or The name Steene Arabia, or Stone Arabia, given to this land was bestowed most likely on account of the great quantity of coarse gravel and water-worn stones which were thickly embedded by deposition in its surface soil. These first settlers on the Palatine hills were technically "squatters" in the eyes of the law, just as were their brethren in Schoharie. It was perhaps, this peculiar condition of the land that induced Abraham Jacob Lansing to have a part of it surveyed and laid out into building lots in 1771. following account was written by Britta Schuelke Kling, 416 Shore View Lane, was located where Lansingburgh, NY is now situated. The urban neighborhood of Ridgewood is known for its brick and stone two-story buildings from the early 20th century, which gives it a more Brooklyn than Queens look. Thus it may be that Steen Rabi was the land of promise to various groups settling in America in the 17th and 18th centuries. dated 19 October 1668, a parcel of land is described as "lying on the east Captain John Schuyler described a journey fences as "Schtee rasseln" or "Schtei rassla" may have become "Steen rabi" connotations, perhaps in research someday someone will find it is a name the Human Inheritance Lab 35 Answer Key, Sweet Potato Pie Using Puff Pastry, Explain Different Barriers To Effective Training, Tiny Toothpick Appetizers, The Phillips Neighborhood Minneapolis, " />

how did stone arabia ny get its name