, "Describe the Global Economy of the 21st Century. Which countries will be dominant? Interesting, the United States will continue to contribute far more growth than any other economy outside of China (nearly 12%) as it grows at a pace faster than most other developed economies. First, China’s role as the key driver of global economic growth becomes more pronounced, with China accounting for 25% of total global economic growth between 2020 and 2030 as its economy reaches the scale of that of the US or the EU. The BRIC group of cou... ...now-a-days international trading is one of the major parts of the global economy. A forecast has been made shows that the BRICs would account for 37% of economic global growth during the p... ...02/18/15 Which Country Will Own the 21st Century? Trend concerning the global economy dualism will change dramatically in the 21st century; this conclusion is supported by the empirical works of academic economists as well as by the extensive reports of international institutions over the last 20–30 years. 02, 2012. Meanwhile, the United States, thanks to projected growth rates of nearly 3% per year over the remainder of the decade, will continue to be a key driver of global economic growth, contributing almost 17% of the world’s total economic expansion. We might see an increase of tax cuts in the lower classes to actually boost the economy, while the rich will be taxed so the inflation level won't be out of hand. Over the medium-term (the years 2020 to 2030), the global contribution to economic growth picture begins to change. Read more on Sustainability or related topic Economy Alex Steffen is a writer and futurist and former Executive Editor of Worldchanging.com. Where To Buy Conecuh Seasoning, Peach Cobbler With Graham Cracker Crust Recipe, Recipes Using Strawberry Jello, How Many Babies Does A Chimpanzee Usually Have, Mardu Voltron Edh, Holt Mcdougal Geometry Common Core Edition Pdf, " />

how will the global economy of the 21st century look