�6J�蛴Q�ľ�]�X�߲��k�F+wN��z�y�k2�_��������7�o�Gx����燋���O��_n_߽���An����w���s���駗/�n?�{�w����^}����� >��~���7�~��|�K�t�4|����}${��;2��{���2��G���'2�1���z�^3�{���!z��z_�z�� �Od ��\x���{]h�g�/o�K���^|V{Q�P�E��nz_�^:�_��{����7X�˯������~��������w�u�S{�.Hq�q}���g^_�~�=�.����o�o~�Q�}y�o�˗/�^���"D.������I��E� The cause of the 1998 spike is unresolved, but scientists are currently attributing it to a combination of increased wetland and rice field emissions as well as an increased amount of biomass burning. Oeste, F. D., de Richter, R., Ming, T., and Caillol, S.: Climate engineering by mimicking natural dust climate control: the iron salt aerosol method, Earth Syst. Aerated topsoils are important sinks for atmospheric methane (CH 4) via oxidation by CH 4 -oxidizing bacteria (MOB). Where the soil become waterlogged, such as sometimes happens in winter, the balance shifts from methanotrophs to anaerobic methane producing bacteria (methanogens) and the soil becomes a methane source. h�bbd``b`V�@�q&�P�$X���� &Fa�,�($�3-? This growth continued to rise at a rate of almost 1 percent per year until around 1990 when growth rates dropped to almost zero. [74], A portable methane detector has been developed which, mounted in a vehicle, can detect excess levels of methane in the ambient atmosphere and differentiate between natural methane from rotting vegetation or manure and gas leaks. Volcanoes affect atmospheric methane emissions when they erupt, releasing ash and sulfur dioxide into the air. 1998 was also the warmest year since surface temperatures were first recorded, suggesting that anomalously high temperatures can induce elevated methane emission. These sinks are: the sink from chemical reactions in the atmosphere; and the sink in soils. Atmospheric methane concentrations are of interest because it is one of the most potent greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere. 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